Think about the first writing tool you ever used or owned. We’d bet it was a pencil! Pencils have a special history that ties into all of our lives, whether it’s the classic No. 2 wood with yellow paint or the assortment of colored pencils that made writing and drawing more interesting.

The earliest pencils date all the way back to ancient Rome, they weren’t much more than a thin rod of metal or lead. The pencil that we know and love today—the one with a handy little eraser at the end—was patented in 1858 by a man named Hymen Lipman. Even as we’ve become more dependent on technology, these pencils are still an essential item and an excellent promotional tool.

March 30th is National Pencil Day. It’s the perfect time to celebrate this timeless writing tool and all the things that are made possible because of it. Just like anyone can use a pencil, any business can turn this day into a unique marketing opportunity.  You will appreciate the power of personalized pencils when you make them part of any promotion.

Celebrate pencils for their versatility.  This multipurpose utensil can be used for work or play. While yellow pencils are essential in schools and offices, custom carpenter pencils make popular giveaways for contractors and fans of DIY home projects. We have a large selection of affordable custom pencils you can personalize with your imprint and give to your customers and employees. Remind them how much range these little tools have by adding a small note that lists some unexpected uses for their new gift. This advertising specialty can do more than just write. Get creative and you’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Sketch something. You don’t have to be a professional artist to have fun with these writing utensils. Pencils are the perfect tools for sketching. Thanks to their eraser end, mistakes are no problem and perfection is never expected. Encourage your customers and employees to celebrate Pencil Day with you by having some fun with your custom pencils. You can even have participants share their sketches on social media with a branded hashtag to increase your digital footprint. If you’re looking for a giveaway to boost your initiative, our quality round promotional pencils, are a great option. These best-selling pencils are available in a variety of colors to help your brand stand out. We also have brand new pencils available, like our colored pencil set, if you want to push the artistic angle even more. This is an especially good idea for any school, art brand or craft business.

Highlight the power to make mistakes. This gives you a great opportunity to connect with employees or customers on an emotional level—which can only lead to better brand loyalty. One of the best things about using a pencil is that you always have the opportunity to erase and fix your mistakes. You can share about mistakes you’ve made and encourage them to do the same. Make it heartfelt or make it humorous. There’s a freedom in acknowledging where you may have fallen short at one time or another and what you learned from that experience. Not only will your audience respect your honesty, but they’ll feel a deeper sense of trust in your brand.

It works well in the office, too. Erase the stigma around making mistakes on the job. Once you let employees and team members see that you can be understanding, it creates an environment of trust and transparency on your team. You’ll see a boost in morale, which will only help you to be more successful in the future.

When sharing your story, be sure to throw in some custom pencils as business giveaways to help drive your point home.

Refresh their office supplies. These personalized essentials will be useful for anyone working in an office setting or at home. In fact, mechanical pencils are the best pencil types for professionals. They have the comfort and style of a pen, with the eraser capabilities of a pencil. They perform better and last longer than traditional pencils, too. Users won’t have to worry about breaking the point while writing or sharpening it as time goes on. Our custom mechanical pencils can make excellent corporate business gifts. Why not surprise your clients or employees with pencils like these to aid their productivity?

However, you choose to celebrate, know you can find the perfect gift at Pen Factory. We’ve even added golf pencils to our inventory. Let us help you make an impact on National Pencil Day.